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Simple Ways to Secure Your New Home

You unlock the front door and before you can step inside the kids burst past you in excitement: running through the house to claim which room will be theirs. I know because I have done just that.

It's exciting for them and even more exciting for us - the grown ups! Whether its your first home or your retirement home, excitement for a new adventure can make us very forgetful and allow us to overlook important tasks that need our immediate attention.

Change the Locks

By simply changing the locks on your entryways, you can ensure no one can easily unlock the door and just stroll into your new home unannounced! If you are at all worried about your safety or well-being, there is no reason not to do this. Changing the locks is a cost-effective way to get peace of mind about your living situation and upgrade your home security.

It requires very little technical skill and no tools fancier than a screwdriver to replace the common deadbolt. Your local hardware store will have replacement deadbolts, locks and handles and costs can range from $50 and up. If I can do it, so can you! However, if you are not comfortable doing this on your own you can always have a professional locksmith do it for you.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

Factory locks on sliding doors are notoriously weak and flimsy. To help prevent break-ins, we recommend installing a two-bolt locking system on sliding glass doors or reinforcing the lock with an auxiliary lock and jimmy plate. You can go the old-school route as well, by placing a bar or dowel in the door's track to keep it from being opened.

Secure the Garage

Garage doors are a major entry point on many homes as they are often overlooked by homeowners. Garages are more vulnerable to theft and they can provide an easy way for burglars to access other parts of the house. In fact, local police advise residents not to leave remote garage door operators in their cars parked outside of the house. Don't forget to lock the garage door, and the entry door into the house!

Lock the Windows

Windows can be an easy access point for intruders and manufacturer locks aren't always reliable. Improve your windows by adding your own locks, security film, glass break sensors linked to your security system, or window bars.

Secure your Wi-Fi Network

Your home wireless network is a doorway to your personal and financial information, and home automation on an unsecured network can make you vulnerable to a break-in. You can find more information on this in our Home Automation post!

Get a Home Security System

Before moving into your home, have it equipped with an alarm system and/or home security surveillance. It will act as a deterrent for criminal activity, help prevent burglaries, and ensure that the authorities respond quickly in case of an emergency. If the home that you are moving in to has a security system already - get it activated! It will need to be monitored in order for the Police, Fire or EMT to be notified. There are options for every budget and level of protection.

Enjoy Your New Home

Last but not least, take some time to enjoy your new home while you're getting settled!


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