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Is Your Home Too Dark? Security Lighting Tips

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

A dark entry way into your home is a beacon for a burglar, but security lighting can improve your home security and deter and would-be intruders. Most of us will put off changing a bulb or replacing that light and before you know it: it's too late. Here are some tips to improve your outdoor security.

What can proper outdoor lighting do for my security?

  1. Provide a clear view of the area: monitor your walls, fences, barriers and entryways.

  2. Allow for facial recognition within a certain distance.

  3. Deter criminal threats and/or trespassing.

  4. Make it easier to find your keys when you get home!

Install Motion Lighting

Motion detector lights are a proven crime deterrent; a burglar doesn't want to be seen trying to enter a home.

Standard hardwired models can cost as little as $60 but if running a power supply isn't something you want to do, consider lights that run on solar power! When installing your lights, always choose locations where they cannot be easily tampered or have the wires cut.

Make sure that you have proper lighting at all of your entryways. Front and garage doors should be lit, as well as side/back doors and pathways in between houses.

Add Landscape Lights

A simple addition: garden path and landscape lights can help to deter someone from trespassing.

They will eliminate dark pockets missed by standard outdoor and motion lights, and you can even extend them to the end of your driveway and paths. Lighting your well-used pathways will also help keep you from tripping and avoiding any obstacles that may have been left out ("I thought I asked you to put this bike away!"). Garden lighting can be solar-powered or wired, depending on your preference and aesthetic and can be installed anywhere from flowerbeds to deck stairs.

Bright Neighbours

Yes, flood lights are great for lighting up your property but your neighbour probably doesn't want it shining in their window all night. Spotlights that are too bright can actually create intense dark shadows on your property, potentially making it easier for someone to hide! Security lighting doesn't have to be overwhelming - there are always options to suit your needs. It's not always about having the loudest or brightest lights in the neighbourhood.


Consider putting your lighting on timers - indoor and outdoor! Timers can automatically turn our lights on (or off) when you're not around. You can even set them to turn on different lights in different areas, at any time of day or night. Using timers can help you make it seem like your home is occupied even when it isn't, deterring any would-be intruders that might be scoping the neighbourhood.

Don't Forget

  • Burglars DO NOT want to be seen trying to gain entry into your home!

  • Make sure that your entryways are well lit.

  • Timers can make it look like someone is always home, deterring someone from entering.

  • Brighter isn't always better.

  • Keep your driveway and paths lit.

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May 06, 2021

Thanks for the tips. Great ideas.

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